Holiday update! Tired of check AD users manually for discrepancy between the primary SMTP and SIP proxy address? Not really that tough of a thing to do but I get tired of running scripts or looking at a bunch of proxy addresses, making sure that I don't misread anything.

So, I made a new cmdlet for my module which does a match between the primary SMTP and SIP address and letting you know if they match or not. Primitive right now but I'm having several ideas to expand it.

Get it with Install-Module SkypeToolPack or find the module on PowerShell Gallery. If you all ready have it, you'd want to run a Update-Module SkypeToolPack.


Check primary SMTP against SIP address

Get-CsProxyAddress <SAMAccountName>

For now you could pipe Get-CsUser into a foreach that uses Get-CsProxyAddress to check your entire userbase. I'll add this directly into the cmdlet later on, but it's a workaround.

Get-CsUser | foreach {Get-CsProxyAddress $_}