SkypeToolPack is a module I created for easy administration of Skype for Business Server 2015. It started when I wrote a script to check all the services on all the servers in an enterprise frontend pool. When people I worked with wanted to use the same script, I found it easier to make it a module and publish it to the PowerShell Gallery.

Get it with Install-Module SkypeToolPack or find the module on PowerShell Gallery.

New function / cmdlet: Restart-CsPoolService

Added a new cmdlet. This one restarts all the services in a pool, or one spesific service if defined with the parameter service.

Restarting all services:
Restart-CsPoolService -PoolFQDN

Restarting the response group service:
Restart-CsPoolService -PoolFQDN -Service RTCRGS

Minor updates to code, better readability

Mostly for myself but makes it better for anyone that wants to gander at the code.