That was fast, all ready at 2.0.0. I usually update the major number whenever I add new features, and I have. But mostly, it went from 1.x.x to 2.0.0 because I have rewritten the SPF lookup.

Now, we recursively check the includes and count them as well towards the maximum DNS lookups of 10.

# Fresh install
Install-Module CheckSec

# Update existing installation
Update-Module CheckSec

PSGallery: Link
GitHub: Link


  • Renamed cmdlet from Get-EmailDetail to Test-EmailSecurity
  • Added Test-SpfRecord (documentation upcoming)
  • Rewritten the SPF checking mechanism, now does recursive checks
  • Added DKIM checking for ProtonMail
  • Now DKIM checks for * in SPF record as well as MX, to make sure it snaps up someone using Exchange Online with external spamfilters. Will be added for Google as well.